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Smarta Kids Modeling Clay

Smarta Kids; Smarta Kids; it has been developed to turn children’s unlimited imaginations into reality with its softer formula and easier storage solution. It’s an air-dry modeling clay, does not require preliminary preparation. It is soft, easily shaped and does not stick to the hand. It does not require baking, it is flexible and durable. Small scale models can be worked easily. It is used as an educational material in the visual arts classes of schools.

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Smarta Modelleme Hamuru | tik

Ready to use

Smarta Modelleme Hamuru | sekillendirilir

Easy to shape

Smarta Modelleme Hamuru | renk


Smarta Modelleme Hamuru | mixable

Color mixable

Smarta Modelleme Hamuru | hava


Smarta Modelleme Hamuru | esnek

Soft and flexible

Smarta Modelleme Hamuru | kucuk olcekli

Ideal for small
scale products

Available in 12 different colors. There is school set option consisting of white, red, yellow and blue. New colors can be obtained by mixing different colors of Smarta Kids. It can be colored with any kind of acrylic paint, oil paint or soft paint.


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Create unlimited decorative
objects to match your style;
jewelry box, napkin
holder, photo frame or a 3D

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School Project


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Generate and implement unlimited
ideas for planets, cell divisions,
seed stages and many more school


Your best friend,favorite
movie character, or the
superhero you like most.
All can turn into miniature
models with your fingers.

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And much more ideas with your imagination…

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